Treatment Reports

For every repair job, we complete a conservation and treatment report detailing the condition of the book upon receipt, all treatments performed and the materials used, and include before and after treatments of the book. Complete treatment reports that have been uploaded as blog posts are listed here.

Facsimile of the Black-Letter Prayer Book (1871)

All before and after photos were taken with the school’s Nikon D300S, and the color corrected in Photoshop using data from a ColorChecker (visible in the photos as a small grid of colored squares). Process shots were taken on my Canon PowerShot SX103IS.

The Print Council of America Paper Sample Book (1966) was made available during a documentation workshop with James Reid-Cunningham of the Boston Atheneaum. Where possible, papers have been described with reference to the sample book. If so, this is mentioned in the text of the report.